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Privileged To Stand Up For Your Rights

Located in Claremont, The Law Office of Scott Ernest Wheeler practices exclusively in employment and labor law. Since 2000, our sole purpose and privilege is and has been to give a legal voice to those who have suffered an employee rights violation or have been forced to work under substandard conditions.

Many law firms in California accept employment law cases, but these fact-driven situations require an attorney who is adept at making a compelling argument under the law in negotiations and especially in court. With more than 17 years dedicated to employment law, our attorney certainly has the necessary legal qualifications and courtroom experience.

In addition to exceptional legal skills, our attorney is also driven by personal experience. Prior to law school, he worked alongside individuals who were forced to endure racist remarks and work under appalling conditions. During law school, he witnessed the damaging effects that a wrongful termination had on a close family member’s life. That family member had only raised issue with smoking in the workplace.

The staff at our law firm is motivated to help you obtain the justice that you deserve. We go even further to pursue solutions aimed at preventing further mistreatment of California workers.

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Our practice is centered on you, which means that we will do everything in our power to accommodate your needs. When your circumstances require it, we will meet after hours or at an alternative location.

Contact our law office by calling 909-667-7520. You can also send us your information by completing our confidential online form.