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You Deserve To Be Paid The Wages You Have Earned. Period.

Whether you are an hourly worker or salaried employee, you absolutely deserve to be paid the wages that you have earned. Under the California Labor Code, California Wage Orders and federal laws, employees are entitled to certain rights involving their earnings, hours worked, designated breaks and time off.

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Is Your Employer Taking Advantage Of You?

Wage and hour violations can occur through deliberate or careless actions on behalf of your employer, and they rarely occur in isolation. If you can answer yes to one or more of the following questions, your rights may have been violated.

  • Are you paid less than $11 per hour for 26 or more employees or $10.50 per hour for 25 or less employees?
  • Does your employer complete your timecard for you?
  • Are you denied time and a half for hours in excess of 40 per week?
  • Are you required to complete tasks before or after your shift?
  • Have you been called back to work after leaving?
  • Are you prevented from taking a lunch break before your fifth hour of work?
  • Are your lunches frequently interrupted with job-related requests?
  • Are you required to stay within a certain geographic area while on call?
  • Did you resign or were you terminated without receiving wages for days worked after your last paycheck?

We can also help you if your employment was terminated after you complained about wage and hour issues.

Misclassification Is Used As A Way To Avoid Overtime Pay

Hourly workers are not the only individuals who may be entitled to overtime compensation, unemployment insurance or other benefits. Misclassification as exempt is a prevalent problem and a way in which employers attempt to avoid these requirements. Exempt status is based on actual job duties not salary wages or designation as an independent contractor.

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