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Comprehensive State And Federal Employment Law Representation

Whether you are paid minimum wages or are the president of a Fortune 500 company, you have certain employee rights under California and federal employment laws. Unfortunately, workers are often mistreated by their employers intentionally or through careless attention to the law. If you believe that your employee rights have been violated in any way, it is time to discuss your situation with an attorney.

At The Law Office of Scott Ernest Wheeler, we are devoted to giving wronged employees a legal voice. We focus our practice entirely on employment law. In your very first consultation, you will meet directly with our experienced lawyer who will actively listen to you and help you determine if you have a valid claim.

Tailored Legal Services

The state and federal laws that regulate employment relationships provide extensive protection for workers throughout California in both the private and public sectors. The problem is that these laws are extremely detailed and complex, and workers are often unaware of the extent of their employee rights. In addition, many individuals feel trapped, unable to speak up for fear that their livelihood will be impacted.

We know how to tenaciously advocate for you and help you achieve your desired results in any employment matter. Contact our Claremont law office at 909-621-4988 if you:

  • Have a claim for unpaid wages that you are due under the law
  • Were wrongfully terminated or suffered retaliation for engaging in protected activity
  • Became the victim of sexual harassment at your workplace
  • Were discriminated against during hiring, firing or in another employment action
  • Were or are subject to unsafe working conditions
  • Suffered any other type employment or labor law violation

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At our law firm, we do not expect you to understand the extensive and complex laws that regulate employment relationships. We will educate you about your rights and take care of the legal arguments, but you have to make that first call.

If you believe that you have been treated unfairly by your employer, contact our law firm immediately. We can help you put an end to illegal actions and obtain the compensation you deserve. Call us at 909-621-4988 or conveniently send us your information online.